Executive and stewards



Gurmel Panaych, Chief Steward, Food and Nutrition Diet Office, GNH
Zone 4: Pharmacy, Library, ID, Rehab/Therapy, Parking Office, Mental Health, and Psychiatry

ED Santos, Shipping and Receiving, GNH
Zone 1: Environmental Services, Mail Room, Porters and Linen Room

Bernadette Martineau, MDRD, GNH
Zone 2: MDRD, Volunteer Services, Shipping & Receiving and Facilities Maintenance

Marjorie Bain, Emergency Department, GNH
Zone 6: Emergency, Endo and Radiology


Connie Kusi-Appiah, Chief Steward, Shipping and Receiving, EGCC
Zone 3: FM&E, Shipping & Receiving and Pharmacy

Nelia Coleman, Housekeeping, EGCC
Zone 2: Environmental Services and Porters

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