Welcome to CUPE Local 41

CUPE Local 41 is the largest CUPE Local for general support services under Covenant Health, representing over 1300 members. Local 41 is one of the founding locals in CUPE, serving members over 50 years.

All CUPE members work under the protection of a contract called a Collective Agreement. Your local bargains the terms of the agreement on your behalf.

As a full service union, our elected leaders also work with the employer to resolve problems in the workplace.

The objectives of Local 41 are to:

  1. Secure the best possible pay, benefits, working conditions, job security, pensions and retiree benefits for its members;
  2. Encourage the settlement by negotiation and mediation of all disputes between the members and their employer;
  3. Eliminate harassment and discrimination of any sort or on any basis; for the equality of treatment regardless of class, race, colour, nationality, age, sex/gender, language, sexual orientation, place of origin, ancestry, religious beliefs, or mental and physical disability; and the active opposition of discrimination of same wherever it occurs or appears;
  4. We care about the members and we show appreciation multiple time a year via accompanying our membership not only through good Collective Agreement but also through events like Member BBQ, Christmas Tea, Support Staff Appreciation Day and Year End Dinner and Dance Banquet.
  5. We are the leader in championing when it comes to Health and Safety in our workplace.
  6. Support CUPE in reaching all the objectives set out in Article II of the CUPE National Constitution.


We represent a wide range of health care services covered under seven series of classifications including but not limited to:

Clerical, Secretary, Food Services, Cook and Cook’s Assistant, Housekeeping, Physical plant operation, Trades, Unit Attendant, Dispatcher, Truck Drivers, Pharmacy Assistant, Surgical Processor, Therapy Assistant and Porters, etc. Together, we contribute to the well-being of hospital patients and long-term care residents.