The union advantage

In every province, workers have the right to join a union to represent them when dealing with their employer.

Get a Membership Application Card from your Executive or the Union Office, fill out a Membership Application Card and bring it to the Union Office with the one time initiation fee of $5.00. Upon receipt of your membership application and initiation fee you will become a card-carrying member of CUPE Local 41. As a card-carrying member you are entitled to the following:

  • the opportunity to be fully informed about your union/local and what it does.
  • invitations to monthly and/or special membership meetings where decisions, which directly affect Support Staff, are made.
  • voting rights on the decisions of your local.
  • the ability to run for elected positions.
  • become a delegate of your union and attend conferences, workshops, and education opportunities.

All workers in our bargaining unit (card carrying member or not) have the right to be represented by the Local Union for violations of the collective agreements in accordance with the duty of fair representation legislation.